Redmond Girls Basketball Association. Redmond, WA


RGSBB Board Member & Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

Board Advisor: Ashley Graham
  • Advisor on coaching matters for all teams including head coach appointments
  • Manages open gym sessions
  • Maintains master gym availability schedule for all teams, practices & games
  • Coordinates Skill Development for all teams
  • Advises Board on basketball club operations
President (Officer): Jeff Thom
  • Organize board operations for Fees/Forms Night
  • Organize board operations for annual Halloween Hoopla tournament
  • Represent RGSBB for all Puget Sound Travel League & Cascade League business
  • Represents Redmond Select with outside groups including RHS, RMS, Redmond Parks and Recreation program
  • Secure hotel reservations for travel tournaments
Vice President (Officer): OPEN
  • During absence of the President, the Vice- President shall exercise all functions of the President.
  • Manage or supervise delegation of all team fundraising activities.
  • Coordinate volunteers (when needed) for the activities of the Club.
Treasurer (Officer):  Michelle Burke
  • Prepares annual club budget
  • Handles all club banking, including deposits, vendor payments, reconciliation
  • Prepares quarterly financial reporting
  • Administers 501(c)3 / tax reporting
  • Financial focal point for all teams and team activities
Secretary (Officer): Stacey Lund
  • Communication Lead for all club matters
  • Maintains club-wide membership database
  • Facilitates community advertising (Redmond Reporter, Schools, Signage)
  • Advisor to team managers on all team communications
  • Prepares meeting minutes for board meetings
  • Collects club meeting agenda items
All Board Officers Collective Duties Also Include:
  • Gym Supervisors during home games
  • Reviews scholarship requests

Webmaster: Open
Maintain and update the RGSBB website

Spiritwear Coordinator: Open
  • Coordinates sales and purchasing of all RGSBB spiritwear merchandise
Team Manager (one per team)
  • Focal point for communication between team coach, parents, players, and the Board
  • Create and maintain the team roster (team page)
  • Help collect each player’s seasonal fee, medical release, insurance, and concussion information
  • Register the team for tournaments and communicate schedule information
  • reporting game scores