Redmond Girls Basketball Association. Redmond, WA


Redmond Girls Select

2018  Halloween Hoopla

Tournament Rules


  1. Game consists of two 22 minute running clock halves, stopped in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half only, unless a team is behind by 20 or more points.


  1. Three full timeouts per game.  Use them anytime during regular play time.
  2. A warning and technical foul will be given to a coach or a player for calling an extra timeout during a game.  If a coach or a player calls a 2nd timeout over the limit during the game, it will lead to a FORFEIT game for his or her team.
  3. Timeouts do not carry over to overtime.  Each team will be given one timeout in the first overtime
  4. No timeouts in the sudden death overtime.


  1. First overtime is 2 minutes stop-clock.
  2. 2nd overtime is sudden death:  First team to score—No Timeouts
  3. Championship Tournament Game will not end in Sudden Death play.  The game will continue to play using 3 minute overtime(s) till a team wins. Time outs do not carry over.  One timeout per overtime.


  1. High school federation rules for all games, except no 30 second shot clock. 10 second back court rule will be used.


  1. Teams 6th-8th may full court press until they are ahead by 20 points.
  2. Teams may return to full court pressing once the score drops to 15 or below.
  3. Half court pressing or half court trapping is allowed at all times.
  4. NO full court press at the 4th – 5th grade level.

ZONE DEFENSE (PSTL Rules):             

4th & 5th grade:  No zone defense allowed for 4/5th grade defenders must be within 6 feet of the offensive player when they are within the 3-point arc. Note: this means a defender can help or trap if they are within 6 feet of the offensive player they are guarding only inside 3 point line / “help D”.

6th grade: Prior to Jan 14th: Man to man defense only (front/back court). No Zone defense / zone presses are allowed. Teams can press but only man/man.


  1. Warm-up and half times are 5 minutes.  Warm-up times may be longer if time permits.
  2. Tournament director may change length of warm-up and half times for or during any tourney.


  1. Players will be disqualified on the 5th personal foul.
  2. One and one will be shot on the 7th team foul.
  3. Double bonus will be shot on the 10th team foul.
  4. Technical fouls will result in two points and loss of possession of ball.
  5. Technical fouls count as team fouls, and personal fouls.
  6. Flagrant fouls are same as technical fouls.


  1. All games will use the 28.5 size ball


  1. Teams listed on the bottom of the schedule or on right will be designated home team and must provide a different color jersey in case both teams are wearing same color.
  2. Exception – if referees and visiting coach agree then game may be played anyway.


  1. Tourney director will settle all disputes at the time of the disputes.
  2. Coaches will not be allowed to file protests.


  1. First tie breaker is head to head results.
  2. 2nd tie breaker is total points difference for games played only against teams involved in the tie breaker 15 points maximum on this tie breaker. After 1st place is established then head to head applies.
  3. 3rd tie breaker is team with least amount of points scored against them verses teams involved in tie break.  If still tied then odd man advances; coin flip will be used.


  1. Officials or tournament director may remove any player, coach, or fan whom he or she feels is demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct.  There are no refunds to anyone who is removed from the gym.
  2. Anyone receiving two technical or two flagrant fouls will be removed from the gym and will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of that tournament (Tournament director has the right to make a ruling).
  3. Any fan asked to leave the gym will be banned for that game and any other amount of time the coordinator feels fit, for the incident.
  4. Anyone that causes the gym director or tournament director to call 911 to remove them will be banned from all future tournaments.


  1. $5 per adult, $3 for seniors and children 6-17, children 5 and under and military with ID are free. These will be charged each day of the tournament.
  2. Concessions will be provided.
  3. Each team must provide one parent/coach to work at the score table for each of their games.  That person and one coach (normally the head coach) will not have to pay admission.  2 people admitted FREE per day, all others must pay admission each day.


  1. AAU team rosters must be submitted to the tournament director prior to the team’s first game.
  2. Players may not be added to a team after the roster is submitted.  We suggest you make sure you add all players that might play for you during that weekend.
  3. The first game a player plays in during the tournament is determined to be the only team he/she may play for during the tournament.  This is to prevent two or more teams listing the same player on their roster/s.  Unless, exception has been made by the director before the tournament starts.
  4. AAU cards are required for all coaches and players participating


  1. Championship t-shirts will be provided to the first place team in all grade levels.


  1. We reserve the right to make any decision we feel fair and appropriate should an issue arise not covered in the rules above.