How to Find Out Which of the Big Ten Basketball Teams is Best at Winning at Home (Part 1)

How to find out which of the big ten basketball teams is best at winning at home?

With a few tweaks and tweaks, the answer is now clear.

It’s not necessarily a simple equation, though, and this is where the process becomes very complicated.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the answer.

The Big Ten is no stranger to the notion of home-court advantage, though that advantage has historically been more pronounced than on the court.

With the Big East (Division I) and ACC (Divide II) in play, the Big 12 and SEC are now also home-courters.

There are three factors that determine which conference wins the most games at home: the conference’s strength (power conference), its strength in its conference rivals (Big Ten), and its strength on the road (SEC).

In order to win a conference title, the league must win at least seven games on the season at home.

That makes the conference champion of each conference in a conference with an average of 12.5 wins at home, which is not much of a stretch.

The SEC is no exception.

The conference’s average of 8.3 wins at its home stadium, per ESPN Stats & Info, is one of the best in the country.

The ACC, on the other hand, has the lowest average home winning percentage in the nation.

It only averages 4.3, though.

It has lost at least 10 games at its league-leading home site in each of the past three seasons.

That could be because of the travel schedule, the number of games at the ACC’s new stadium, or simply a lack of talent in the conference.

It may also be that the conference has a good coach in Jim Boeheim, but he has not led it to an ACC title in six years.

With only six teams in the top 25 of the latest AP poll, there are some who are predicting that the Big 10 will be the Big Eight to start this season, and that the ACC will be relegated to the ACC cellar.

The other teams in this top 25 are Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Baylor, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

The Pac-12 has two teams in that group.

The only teams in its top 10 who aren’t in the AP poll are the Buckeyes, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and UCLA.

While there are other conferences in this group, it doesn’t seem likely that either the Big Sky or the Pac-10 will have a title.

The AP Poll is a pretty good indicator of the strength of the conference that the schools are in, but that’s about it.

There’s no way to know for sure what the SEC’s conference strength will be, as the league hasn’t won a national championship since 2006.

The league’s home-field advantage also comes into play when looking at the conference standings.

The top three teams in each conference are guaranteed to make the playoff.

That means that there is a strong chance that a conference will have the best record in the league, but the conference championship game might be decided by a tie.

That doesn’t make for an easy game to play.

The easiest way to find the best conference schedule for the Big Red is to look at the conferences average home wins per game and look at how many of those home wins are by conference champion.

The West is not particularly good at home this season.

West Virginia, Oregon State, and Arizona State are all averaging less than four wins per home game.

West is the only conference in the West that is averaging more than two wins per road game.

This makes sense if you consider the West has played a lot of home games, and if you take a look at a conference average home win percentage, West is no better than the rest of the West.

That’s the problem for the Pac 12, which has the second-highest average home victory percentage in this country behind only the Big West.

The rest of this list shows how the conference is playing at home compared to where it is playing on the schedule.

The two teams that are not in the Big South and the Mountain West are both doing okay, so they should be able to stay in contention for a playoff spot.

If the Pac 10 gets into the playoffs, though?

Well, the West is going to be in trouble.

It is still far and away the league with the worst home winning percentages in the American Athletic Conference, behind only Alabama, Ole Miss, and Missouri.

The AAC is the most balanced conference in college basketball, with a strong conference advantage on the West and East coasts.

That gives the AAC the advantage over the Big 15 and SEC when it comes to playing its home games.

But it’s not the conference most likely to win the Big Dance.

There isn’t a single conference that can be considered a “home team” in the AAC.

There is, however,

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