How to find the best college basketball team in the country


The best college team in America is in a tough spot.

This is a fact that has never been more obvious than now.

But, of course, there are a few teams that are really in the thick of things.

The Big East, for example, is in the middle of a rebuilding process that has led to the league’s best team in just one season.

And the ACC, which is now headed toward a much more competitive field, is just about back on the road to the NCAA Tournament.

The SEC, the conference that has been in the NCAA tournament only once since 2007, has the best conference in college basketball and is on a run of winning streaks that have seen it reach a pair of Final Fours in the past four years.

And in the Big Ten, Wisconsin has won the Big 12 title twice in the last three years.

But those teams are all so different from each other that it’s hard to pinpoint one in particular.

There are, of the teams, two that are just too close to call.

But in the case of the best team from the Big East or the ACC or the Big 10, you have to go with the teams that have been through a lot.

Here’s a look at the five best teams in college hoops, ranked by how close they are to reaching the NCAA Final Four:1.

Michigan Wolverines (11-0)1.

Indiana Hoosiers (10-0), No. 1Michigan State Spartans (9-0, No. 3)1 the ACC2.

North Carolina Tar Heels (11 and 7), No

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