How to Get Paid to Watch Basketball

Notre Dame basketball coach Kevin Ollie’s new job is the most lucrative job in the sport.

According to the National Basketball Association, he made $1.1 million last year, making him the highest-paid head coach in college basketball.

He’s also one of the highest paid coaches in college sports, according to an NCAA report released Thursday.

That means he made more money than the league’s top earners, including Kentucky coach John Calipari, who made $2.8 million.

The NCAA said Ollies salary was more than $9 million last season.

Olles’ pay includes $2 million in stock compensation, $4 million in bonuses and $4.3 million in non-game compensation.

The money also includes other base salary, a deferred salary, guaranteed money, other incentives and performance-based pay, according the report.

It’s the first time Ollis is the highest compensated coach in the NCAA’s top 10.

The money Olls made this year, plus the bonuses and deferred salary that were included in the report, will be part of the salary cap when the new season begins on Sept. 17.

Ollie was the only head coach to make more than the NCAA average last season, making $2,611,000.

Caliparian, who will be a member of the All-Star Game in Las Vegas, made $3.2 million.

That leaves the rest of the league with $4,200,000 to work with.

The National Basketball Players Association said OLLIE’s new role is a big win for athletes, especially those who want to earn money playing in the NBA.

“Ollies’ position as head coach of the women’s basketball program is the biggest one that we have,” the association said in a statement.

“The NBA has always been a place where women’s athletics have thrived.

The opportunity to be a part of this new league will allow many players to get the benefits of the new league without the financial burden of being part of a men’s league.”

Olls, a native of Calgary, Alberta, said he was looking forward to working with the players and the support staff.

“We’re going to be working together to build a new and better future for our women’s program, which we know is going to have a lot of success and a lot more of success in the future,” he said.

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