How to make the most of LeBron James shoes

With the Cavs’ season in jeopardy, the team’s first-year head coach wants to make sure he has everything he needs to get ready for next season.

As of now, James’ primary shoe supplier, Nike, has yet to say when it will resume making LeBron’s signature shoes.

But, with the Cavs having a $3.8 million surplus on its books and the league’s collective bargaining agreement limiting the number of shoes a team can sell to one player, it’s important to have as much footwear as possible.

So, with a new Nike supplier in town, James decided to go to Adidas to make his favorite shoe, the LeBron 3.0.

With the NBA Finals just a few weeks away, the Cavaliers were planning to wear their signature shoes during the series.

The shoes were also going to be the primary accessories to every Cavs game.

But a pair of LeBron 3s might be a bit pricey.

According to a source, the Cavs are only planning to sell around a dozen pairs of LeBron shoes.

They’ll be available for $5,000 to $6,000.

That would mean the Cavs will have to shell out a lot more to make those sneakers.

And, it could be the most expensive basketball shoe in the league.

According to the source, LeBron’s Adidas sneakers will be selling for around $5.8 to $7,500.

But, the shoes are not supposed to be sold at that price.

The source said it was a bit surprising to hear the Cavaliers are only going to sell 30 to 40 pairs of shoes at this price point.

But that number could be a lot lower.

The Cavs could be hoping to avoid the same mistakes as the Miami Heat, who had a huge luxury tax bill when they bought Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s signature shoe brands.

The Heat made the same mistake as the Cavs in 2016, and they still had to shell it out for the LeBron 2.0, which is a luxury shoe.

It’s possible LeBron could sell his shoes for even less, but it’s hard to imagine the Cavs would do it.

The NBA is currently discussing an amendment that would limit luxury taxes for players, teams and owners.

And, it looks like the NBA is considering the same proposal for all teams.

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