How to stop the ‘bros’ in your life

It’s not just the bachelorette parties, but also the weddings, funerals and graduations that are being thrown off-kilter.

The University of New Brunswick has banned bachelor parties, which are essentially parties where one man or woman is the host.

The university’s president says the move is a “very bad idea” because it creates a “negative image” for women.

The policy was introduced in January, but it’s not the first time the university has stepped in.

A year ago, it banned bachelor party events altogether, citing concerns about sexual harassment and alcohol.

In February, it introduced an alcohol policy for all students.

While the policy will have some impact on parties, the university says it is targeting a more serious problem: binge drinking, which can lead to serious physical injuries.

“Binge drinking is a major issue for New Brunswick students,” says Dr. John Zajac, the school’s vice-president for health, safety and student affairs.

“They are in a very high risk group, and they need to get help.”

Zajic says New Brunswick is already doing something to tackle the problem.

It has introduced new policies to prevent students from going on drinking-related events.

The first policy is to limit the number of people allowed in an apartment and to prohibit people from drinking alone in a residence hall.

Another rule prohibits people from bringing alcoholic beverages into residence halls, while students can only bring food and drinks into dorms.

Zajick says the university is also putting in place more intensive support services for students who experience drinking problems.

New Brunswick was one of five provinces in Canada that did away with bachelor parties in 2015.

Other provinces, such as Ontario and Alberta, have since taken similar measures.

But Zajap says he wants the university to be proactive.

“It is not going to solve everything, but at least it’s an attempt,” he says.

“I hope that will be enough to start to see some improvement.”

A new ‘ban the bachelor’ plan in Canada Some of the provinces that banned bachelor events also saw a surge in binge drinking among undergraduates.

In 2015, alcohol-related deaths were more than four times the rate of binge drinking overall.

Zijac says that’s because students are also drinking more than they used to.

“We know binge drinking is an issue that has affected many students and their families,” he explains.

“Some of these people who have come to us and have experienced drinking problems, we have been able to help them find ways to cope with their drinking problems.”

Zijic says he hopes to see a change in the next few years.

“The university of New Jersey is taking steps to help students and staff to identify what is preventing them from enjoying their university, what is causing them to binge, and to address those issues,” he adds.

In the United States, there have been similar efforts to tackle binge drinking.

President Donald Trump has said he wants to see more restrictions on college campuses and that he wants colleges to get rid of alcohol entirely.

In Canada, the Liberal government recently announced it would end the ban on bachelor parties on campuses.

However, it is expected to bring in new rules on alcohol-free drinking days at the end of next year.

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