How to watch the best basketball games in 2018

The best basketball game of the year comes on Saturday night.

If you’re not one of the lucky few who gets to watch it, you’ll be.

It’s the Big Apple Basketball Tournament, which will be televised on the Big Ten Network.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Big Ten has three rounds, starting with the NCAA Tournament, and there are 11 teams in each.

There are seven schools that are seeded based on how they finish in the regular season, but there are four more teams that are decided based on their playoff standing.

These teams will play in the tournament and the winner will be crowned the Big 12’s coach of the decade.

Each team plays a game that is broadcast live on ABC.

You’ll be able to catch the games live on BTN, CBS, ESPN and FOX.

For the tournament’s first round, which is on March 11, there will be eight teams that will play a series of games and each will get to play three games each.

The first round will start at 8 p.m.

ET on ABC and will air live from 10 p.:30 a.m.-12:30 p.y.

This will be followed by a round of eight, which begins at 6 p.c.

ET and will continue until the championship game.

You can watch all of the first round games on BTNN.

There will be a playoff bracket, as well.

This bracket will determine who will advance to the semifinals and the finals, with the top seed getting a bye in the semifinals.

The bracket will then be cut to 16 teams and seeded by how they finished in the Big East Conference Tournament, according to the NCAA.

There are a total of eight teams in the first four rounds.

The top two seeds in each of those rounds will advance.

The semifinals will be played on April 1.

The NCAA Tournament is a national tourney for college basketball, and the Big 10 has one of those.

The tournament is hosted in Indianapolis by the Big Blue, a new Big Ten program that has been set up by ESPN.

The Big Ten’s first two seasons, the conference’s first and second, were played in Indianapolis.

Indiana has been around for a long time, having won the national championship in 1994, when the Hoosiers went 21-1 and captured the NCAA championship in 1996.

The program has won the title nine times in 11 seasons.

The program will play the top two seed in each round of the tournament.

The winner of the Big Eight Tournament will face the winner of this round of tournament, which also will be held in Indianapolis on April 2.

The winner of that round of competition will face an elimination bracket.

The loser of that elimination bracket will play one more game to determine who advances.

The elimination bracket is the toughest group of games in college basketball.

The winning team must win at least one of its remaining three games to win.

The best teams in one conference play a four-team group, with four teams in that conference going through the bracket.

Four of the teams in this group have a guaranteed berth in the Sweet 16.

The final four teams are seeded in the second round, with all four teams going through a group of four.

This group of teams will go through a round-robin bracket.

The fourth round will be in the middle, with two teams playing two games against the next seed, the winner, and another game against the loser, the loser.

The first team in each game plays one of their remaining four games.

The second team in the next game plays two of its next four games, then the next team plays one more.

The last two games are a tie.

The teams will then play another game.

This is the third round of games for the Big Four.

This is the first group of five teams, with three teams in a group that goes through the first and third rounds of the NCAA tournament.

The second and third seeds in the group are the top four seeds from the previous round, who then play one last game in a bracket with two additional teams in it.

The winners of the two rounds of this bracket will advance and will play three of the final four games against a top-eight seed from the second group.

The remaining three teams will face a group with three of four top-seeded teams, and that group will be seeded by conference record.

The top two teams from each conference play four games in the round robin, with one game against a conference seed and one game playing against a team from the other conference.

The other four games are tied.

The winners of those games will advance, and their opponent will play them in the quarterfinals.

The next four teams will be ranked in the top three.

The two semifinals will feature two teams that meet in the NCAA Final Four, the best-of-five series.

The conference champion will play two games, the second meeting being played in the last game of each group.

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