NBA fans have been tweeting that they want their teams back

New Scientist article NEW YORK — As the NBA playoffs begin, fans across the globe are wondering whether they should be cheering for the Golden State Warriors or their rival Cleveland Cavaliers.

While many of us have spent hours watching games on TV, it’s easy to forget that the game is actually happening in front of our faces.

We’re witnessing the first-ever NBA finals in front the people in our own homes, not on our screens, according to an article published in the journal New Scientist.

We don’t need to travel to another city or even see the arena from our own living rooms.

We have all been there.

And if we’re lucky enough to be in the home of a team that’s winning a title, we’re actually in the arena.

And, according a survey conducted by the NBA and released Thursday, there’s one key difference between the two sports: The Warriors are winning on a more national scale than the Cavaliers.

So, is there hope for the Cavs?

No, according the article, which analyzed data from the National Basketball Players Association (NBAPA), the governing body of professional basketball players.

The survey found that while fans in the U.S. and abroad are tuning in to the NBA Finals, the Warriors are doing so in record numbers.

“There are a lot of fans watching the NBA finals,” NBA executive vice president of player engagement, David Stern, said in a statement.

“I know that you are too.”

The survey was conducted last year by the research firm Brandwatch, which uses analytics to assess consumer behavior.

According to Brandwatch’s data, NBA fans are spending $2.2 billion more on the NBA’s games than the year before.

That’s an increase of $1.3 billion over last year.

It’s also an increase over the previous two years, when the Warriors were in first place and averaging more than $1 billion in spending.

Even if fans were spending as much as they were last year, the Cavs were still in first.

They were the highest-spending team last year and this year, and they’ve had the most games played, too.

They’ve had a lot more games played in the first two weeks of the playoffs.

Brandwatch is not alone in saying the Cavs are doing well in the finals.

The survey found fans across a number of sports are tuning into the NBA this year.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Cubs are both averaging more viewers per game than the Warriors.

The Detroit Lions are averaging more per game and the Seattle Seahawks are averaging a much higher viewership than last year’s champion Los Angeles Lakers.

But it’s the Warriors who are making the biggest leap, Brandwatch found.

They’re averaging a whopping $3.2 million per game compared to $1 million last year — a 22 percent increase.

A lot of people have already been tuning in.

This year, NBA TV is airing a special, live-streamed game between the Cavaliers and Warriors on Monday, Oct. 5, starting at 6 p.m.


The Cavs beat the Warriors by 22 points in Game 3 of the Finals last year in a blowout.

Fans are also tuning in on social media for a special Warriors/Cavaliers game, on the Cavs’ Facebook page and Twitter page.

And while the Cavs and Warriors are both playing on a national stage, the NBA is also playing on the same stage in front people’s homes in a number other countries.

In the U and Latin America, fans are tuning out of games because they’re away from their families, the poll found.

The NBA is doing the same thing in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom.

One key reason fans are not tuning in is that they can’t watch on their TVs in the homes of other people, Brandwat said.

For instance, the Cavaliers will not be playing a game at their home base in New Orleans until after the NBA starts airing its Finals coverage on ESPN on Monday.

That means fans who live in New York and live in Miami won’t be able to tune into the Cavs-Warriors game on their TV.

Another big reason is the way TV networks and broadcast partners deal with online content.

There are a variety of ways in which content gets shown to viewers in different countries, and in some cases, it could be blocked or restricted in some countries.

In the past, if a team was the host of a sporting event, that broadcast was generally allowed, Brandwitsaid.

But now it’s much more complicated.

For example, if you live in France and a team is the host, you might be able watch a live stream of a Cavs-Pistons game in France, BrandWatch found.

In the case of the Warriors-Cavalers game, the networks are not allowing the Warriors to play in the United States and the Cavaliers might not be

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