TechRadars new “Superbowl” series begins with ‘The Big Game’ and ‘Superbowl XLVII’

TechRadAR is proud to announce the launch of our “Super Bowl XLVII” series, a comprehensive look at the latest NFL action, featuring some of the most anticipated games, including the “Super” Bowl and “Super Showcase” that are only available to TechRadarians.

From Thursday, February 1st at 11am ET/8pm PT, TechRadiers readers will be able to watch all of the games available on NBCSN, and the NBC Sports app.

This week, we’ll feature the “Game of the Week,” which will air on NBC Sports Live Extra on February 4th.

You can also follow all the action on the TechRadiar app.

“The Big Show” features a team of elite football players that will face off against each other, and then the “Big Game,” featuring a championship showdown.

“Super Week” features all the major NFL events that have aired on Sunday nights, including “Super Sunday,” which features the “NFL Super Bowl” and “NFL Takeover” games.

In the “Week Ahead,” TechRadaris fans can learn about the NFL’s biggest news, including all the latest news on social media and the latest headlines.

“NFL Kickoff” and the “New Era of Football” series will be highlighted by an “Ask the Coach” series where TechRadaria fans will be given a chance to ask the coaches and team of the week on their favorite stories of the season.

For more on TechRadARS “Super,” check out our latest article.

The TechRadarist “Super Weekend” series features the latest Super Bowl matchups, including: Week 1, “Super Monday” – Sunday, January 31, at 3pm ET/2pm PT.

Week 2, “Game Of The Week” – Tuesday, February 4, at 8pm ET.

Week 3, “Takeover” – Thursday, March 1, at 7:30pm ET Week 4, “New Dynasty” – Friday, March 2, at 5:30am ET Week 5, “NFL Showdown” – Saturday, March 3, at 10am ET All of the Super Bowl XLVIII matchups will air LIVE on NBC at 11pm ET, with the “Live” matchup being the best available on a Sunday night.

“Game Preview” – Monday, February 6, at 1pm ET All three of the “Takeovers” that will be airing on NBC will air live at 10pm ET and will air in HD, so be sure to tune in to see the action.

Week 6, “The Super Show” – Wednesday, February 8, at 9pm ET The “Big Show” will be played live on NBC Live Extra, featuring the best of the best from the NFL, the NFL Players Association and the players themselves.

“Takeoff” – January 17, at 4pm ET

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