What will happen to crypto after the next big event?

Crypto-currency is on the brink of a major new era after the Ethereum Classic fork and the blockchain price jumped to an all-time high on Thursday.

The price of a bitcoin has more than doubled since last week, hitting an all time high of $1,898.63.

The altcoin has risen to a record high of more than $8,500 in just 24 hours.

It now has a market cap of more $11.5 billion, according to Coinmarketcap.com.

Bitcoin has enjoyed a rollercoaster ride, bouncing back from a fork in the blockchain code in May to a virtual bubble that has caused its price to double in less than a month.

The currency was trading at just under $900 at the start of November.

Bitcoin’s rise has coincided with a major economic shift in the world.

The digital currency has helped the US and other developed countries harness digital innovation to make goods and services more affordable and convenient for consumers.

The crypto-currency has helped push prices higher, as investors seek safe haven in the altcoin, which has helped propel the price of gold to $1.28 an ounce, more than triple the value of silver in a week.

The blockchain, which is a computer program that runs on top of the bitcoin blockchain, holds data from all cryptocurrencies.

This data includes the total supply and demand for all cryptocurrencies, and the total number of transactions.

The number of coins created has increased dramatically in the past few months, with coins created in January and February hitting an average of around 5 million per day.

The cryptocurrency market capitalisation in January stood at $4.9 billion, while in February it reached $5.4 billion, or nearly 3.5 times the size of the entire stock market.

But there is a big catch.

If a fork of the blockchain does occur, it will be a huge setback for the crypto-trading world.

It will create a new bubble that could be even more disruptive than the last one.

This is the third fork of a blockchain, following Ethereum Classic and Ethereum.

These two forks came together in 2017 to create Ethereum Classic, which was backed by the Russian state.

The Ethereum Classic chain split in two in January, with the developers of the original chain, Ethereum.org, deciding to support the more popular Ethereum blockchain.

The decision led to the creation of the Ethereum mainnet, which the Ethereum team now calls Ethereum Classic.

This was a huge hit to the Ethereum ecosystem, with over 100,000 ether being sold in a single day, according a report by CoinmarketCap.com, which tracks cryptocurrency prices.

The split of the chains is a significant threat to the altcoins’ long-term future.

If there is another major fork, there will be no more incentive for people to mine and use the Ethereum blockchain, said Michael Pachter, an analyst at BK Asset Management.

There is a lot of money in this market right now.

We don’t know how this will end up, but it’s going to be a massive event, he added.

The biggest risk in the event of a fork is that it could be too much, said Brian Johnson, a market analyst at the New York Stock Exchange.

A fork can lead to a hard fork, which would make the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem more unstable, he said.

However, it is not a huge risk if the fork is successful.

The Ethereum blockchain has a history of success, as it has grown over the past decade to become the largest in the bitcoin network.

It is still unclear what the fork will do to the future of the alt-currency.

A large-scale failure could trigger a bubble, which could destabilise the entire market.

Bitcoin is the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency, after bitcoin.

However, its price has plummeted in recent weeks, reaching an alltime low of $918.74 on Wednesday.

The digital currency’s price has more or less bounced back to a $1 price point.

It is trading at around $9,500, which puts it on par with gold, which jumped more than 80 per cent this week.

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