What’s next for the NCAA basketball tournament as the Big 12 moves on

By AP Athletics WriterTommy WilliamsThe NCAA basketball championship game is set for Thursday in New Orleans.

But there is another tournament in the works.

It’s the SEC/Big Ten tournament.

The Big 12 is expanding its basketball program to 11 teams for next season.

That will make it the first basketball conference to expand its league.

The conference will play its first-ever nonconference game on Dec. 8 against Alabama, and the conference will begin the tournament with an open date in the New Year’s Six bowls.

That schedule will include six games against conference opponents, including three matchups against the SEC.

The Big 12 has not had an SEC opener since 2009.

The ACC will also expand to 13 teams.

The league will play seven games against league opponents, and three of those matchups will be against the ACC.

The ACC will play four of those contests in December.

The Pac-12 will expand to 18 teams, which is the league’s first expansion since 2002.

The SEC will expand from 12 teams to 15.

The conference will open the tournament at home against Florida State on Dec.

“In the Big Ten, the Big East and ACC are moving to the four-team playoff format.

The SEC will have four games against the four conference opponents in the playoff.

The two conferences will have one game against each other in the four playoff games.

The rest of the teams will play a double-header, with the Big 10 and Pac-10 hosting home games against their conference opponents.

The other four conferences have played only one game.

The Atlantic 10 has a home game against the Big South.

The Mountain West hosts two home games in the semifinals.

The South will play two road games against its conference opponents before the conference opens in the first week of December.

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