When ESPN’s Brett McMurphy tweets: The best team in college basketball is Duke University

When ESPN sports analyst Brett McMurtry tweeted that Duke basketball is the best team ever, he was probably talking about Duke’s historic basketball run.

But it’s not just Duke.

It’s not even the best basketball team in the country.

It is the national champion of the college basketball tournament, and it’s playing in the Sweet 16.

That makes it a special game for ESPN.

Its coverage of the tournament is among the best in the world, and the coverage of its team is among ESPN’s most important.

The network’s coverage of college basketball was the reason it was acquired by Disney.

When ESPN purchased ESPN, it made a promise to its viewers that it would be a destination for the best college basketball coverage.

That promise was not kept.

ESPN was a major disappointment when it launched in 2003.

ESPN’s coverage was mediocre, and ESPN’s programming was often inconsistent.ESPN has always tried to fix its bad reputation, but the network’s problems continue.

ESPN has been slow to improve, but its coverage of this year’s NCAA tournament is better than any previous year’s.

There’s a lot to like about ESPN’s college basketball.

The network has had success producing high-quality content.

It has a very good roster of analysts and writers.

The broadcast team is diverse, and its coverage has been consistent.

It also has an extremely well-run college basketball program, which is why ESPN has consistently won the network a ton of fan and media ratings.ESPN also has a strong brand and is one of the most recognizable brands in sports.

If ESPN wants to build its brand in a new and interesting way, it needs to hire a lot of people who know how to create compelling sports coverage.ESPN is hiring a lot more people this year.

The first few hires will be a mix of college football and basketball analysts.

The hires will focus on the games in which ESPN’s network is playing, so they will likely focus on some games.

But the network is also looking for analysts to do more with its basketball coverage, and they will be hiring people who can contribute in other ways.

There are some key hiring priorities for ESPN in this year of college hoops.

One of them is making its college basketball analyst roster more diverse.

ESPN already has one African-American analyst, but ESPN wants more of its analysts to be female.

That is a huge need for ESPN to make its college football analyst roster a more diverse group of women.

Another area where ESPN is trying to get better at is its coverage in the NCAA tournament.

ESPN will be focusing on the most important games in the tournament, including the Elite Eight, Final Four and Sweet 16, as well as the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.ESPN will also be focusing more on its college hoops coverage this year than ever before.

ESPN is a leader in its coverage, but this year, ESPN will also have a new sports-news outlet called ESPN Insider.

That will give it a unique ability to connect with its sports fans in a way that hasn’t been done before.

The last thing ESPN needs is another disappointing year for its college sports coverage, especially considering how well the network has done this year in the regular season.

But ESPN needs to be more focused on the best games of the season.

The more focus it puts on the top games, the better the network can deliver quality college basketball programming.

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