When Kentucky’s Kentuckians draw Kentucky

The Kentucky basketball team has been the most consistently great team in Kentucky basketball for years now, and the Wildcats have been the best team in the country for quite some time.

They’ve won at least five games in a row for the first time since 2014, and they’ve won a total of eight games this season.

It’s a remarkable run of dominance, and while the Wildcats are now two games back of the #16 Kentucky Blue Devils in the NCAA Tournament, they still have a lot of work to do to get to the Sweet 16, even though they’re just one game back of a potential No. 1 seed.

Kentucky is one of the best teams in college basketball right now.

It has a tremendous shot at a top seed in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

That is what it’s all about.

Kentuckians fans have a strong desire to see their team do well and they want it to happen.

The team is a great team and everyone knows that, but the team is still a very good team, and if the team has a chance to make the Sweet Sixteen, that’s what they’ll do.

The good news is that the Wildcats can make it to the tournament even without a top-seed.

Kentucks basketball fans are used to winning.

They’re used to having a winning record in the NBA.

But if the Wildcats get past the first round of the NCAA tournament, they will have a chance at a second consecutive Final Four.

The only question is how long that chance lasts.

Kentivians basketball fans will be disappointed that they’re getting the first shot at that second Final Four opportunity in 2017, but that shouldn’t be a barrier to them making the Final Four as a team.

The people of Kentucky are proud of what they’ve been doing this season, and I don’t think the fans are going to want to see them fall short again in a few years.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m biased toward Kentucky.

I’m a Kentucky fan.

My brother is from Kentucky, and he grew up in Louisville, so I’ve grown up watching them play there.

I’ve watched them play a bunch of basketball, and even though the team was good, it was a team that won a lot and played a lot.

They were great and that’s a huge reason why I wanted to watch them play basketball.

The thing that I didn’t like about them this year is that they weren’t able to make a run at the Final 4.

So I really believe that they have a great shot at winning it all in the Big Dance, and that is what I hope they do.

When the Wildcats went to the Final 16 of the NBA in 2016, they didn’t have the best record in college hoops.

But after a season where they were able to win a bunch more games than anyone expected, they were one of two teams that got to the Elite Eight in the tournament.

That was a pretty significant improvement, and it was the first year that the Big East had four teams that could go to the NCAA Final Four and the first that the ACC was allowed to have four teams to go to that Final Four for the second straight year.

That helped Kentucky to a Top Five seed in 2017.

Kentavians fans know that they’ve done well in the basketball tournament, and those wins helped them advance to the next level of the sport.

But they can’t just sit back and wait for the next shot at the next big thing.

They have to show the world that they deserve to be one of those teams.

The biggest thing that they need to do this year, for the sake of the program and for the Wildcats overall, is to get out of the first two rounds of the Big 12 tournament.

In the Big Ten, Kentucky had a great season, but it wasn’t good enough to make it out of its first round.

That’s not the same as going 0-16 in the ACC or 0-14 in the SEC, but going 0 or 1-15 in the Pac-12 or 1 or 2-14 is really disappointing.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kentucky is still one of only two teams in the nation that is 1-11.

If the Wildcats end up in the first three rounds of either the ACC, Big 12 or SEC tournament, that will be the third straight year that they won’t make the Final 32.

They could end up with another losing season if they end up making the second round, but I think they should be confident that they can go one better than they did last year and make it all the way to the national semifinals.

I know that I can’t be the guy that’s going to say that Kentucky will never make the NCAA postseason.

I know that this year could be different.

But for the fans, it will be different and for them, it’s going have to be different for them to see the first Kentucky basketball game at Madison Square Garden as

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