Which NBA shorts are you wearing this season?

You can wear your basketball shorts all season long and still have plenty of room in your shorts bag, as the Warriors have the league’s best basketball shorts.

The Warriors are No. 1 in the NBA in terms of basketball shorts sales.

The Warriors are also No. 2 in the sales of basketball pants and No. 3 in basketball shorts, according to NBA.com.

The average NBA player wears about 12 basketball shorts a game.

The NBA, the world’s largest professional sports league, has been growing rapidly in recent years.

It added an additional 32 teams in 2019, which was the most in the league history.

This year, the league expanded to 40 teams, and is set to add the Toronto Raptors and Detroit Pistons.

Last season, the NBA expanded to 20 teams and added the Brooklyn Nets.

This season, it expanded to 24 teams.NBA.com, which is owned by ESPN, reported that the average NBA game sold about 2.3 million shorts in 2018.

In 2019, that number is expected to increase to 2.7 million.

The average NBA basketball player wears between 11 and 12 basketball pants a game, according in ESPN’s statistics.NBA teams, teams and players wear the following NBA shorts:• Warriors: 12 basketball, 11 basketball shorts• Thunder: 10 basketball, 8 basketball shortsNBA teams wear a total of 22 different basketball shorts for the 2017-18 season.

The league added 10 new teams in 2018, but the average team wore between 10 and 11 basketball pants.

The players and coaches are also wearing basketball shorts during the season, as many of the league officials wear them for official work and other official functions.NBA players and NBA teams wear their own custom-made basketball shorts to work, and NBA team apparel company Reebok has created basketball shorts that are sold at NBA store in cities such as Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Antonio.

The number of players wearing basketball pants is much higher than the average player, according ESPN.

The numbers are much higher in the basketball shorts category, which includes the Warriors and Thunder.

The Thunder have the highest number of basketball players wearing them, with eight players.

The most players in the Warriors’ 10-player rotation, however, are not wearing basketball shoes, which are much more common in the game.

The only players who wear basketball shorts are the Warriors players.

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