Why are teams from the state of Indiana basketball so bad?

The most recent statistics released by the NBA show Indiana is the only team in the league that’s been in the top four five of scoring the most points per game.

And, that’s despite Indiana being the most populous state in the country and the most popular. 

It was a record-setting season for Indiana basketball, as the Hoosiers finished the season ranked sixth in the nation, averaging 101.5 points per 100 possessions.

Indiana’s defense, which was one of the best in the conference last season, was one-of-the-best in the Big Ten, allowing just 41.8 points per contest. 

Indiana is also one of only two teams in the East that has an overall record below 50 points per night.

It’s also one the only teams in Division I that have an overall winning percentage below .500, according to ESPN. 

The Hoosier State also has an NCAA tournament team that was ranked the top team in Division II, but was knocked out in the first round by Louisville. 

This season’s NCAA tournament is one of three on the slate for Indiana.

Indiana will be facing North Carolina and Gonzaga, the last two teams to qualify for the tournament. 

Despite winning just one game in the regular season, the Hoosters have a perfect record this season. 

They’ll also be facing off against top-seeded Villanova on Tuesday, and Gonzalo Higuain will be looking to improve on his first ever NCAA tournament appearance. 

There’s no doubt that Indiana basketball is a mess, but the Hooses are still one of just two teams that has a winning record and the third-best point differential in the NBA. 

So what should you be looking out for? 

Indiana’s defense was one in the NFL’s top 10 last season.

But this year, the Indiana defense has been one of one of worst.

Indiana is also a team that has had to rely on a big man who is just one year removed from a national title. 

For his part, Anthony Bennett has averaged 16.5 ppg and 5.7 rpg for the Hooths.

But he’s also shot just 41% from three-point range this season, and he has yet to score a point. 

Injuries to key players like Jabari Parker, Rodney Stuckey and Aaron Harrison have hurt Indiana’s offense, and the Hoopsworld is one that is highly critical of the team. 

Still, Indiana basketball has one of those teams in its future, and there is still a lot of talent at the team’s disposal. 

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