Why the NBA and NBAPA are still working together

The NBA and the NBAPA have had a rocky relationship ever since the league’s collective bargaining agreement was signed in 2006.

The two sides haven’t seen eye-to-eye in years.

The NBA has gone out of its way to make sure the league stays in business.

They’ve pushed the league to expand beyond its current 30 teams.

They even have a new mascot.

But the NBA is still struggling financially, as the league has struggled to stay relevant in the post-credits world.

The league’s financials have gone down for years.

And the NBA hasn’t been able to grow revenue.

The two sides have tried to reach a new settlement, but have been unable to reach an agreement.

They are still in a stalemate, but it’s not impossible that the two sides could strike a new deal.

The New York Times reported this week that the NBA’s owners and owners’ association are working on a new agreement that would keep the league in business for another 25 years.

The deal could be worth anywhere from $6 billion to $10 billion per year.

But it’s possible the league could end up paying less than $5 billion.

If that happens, it would be a huge relief to the NBA fans, as it would provide them with a long-term investment that will allow the league and its players to have the same level of support.

The deal also could give the NBA more money for player health insurance, which is essential to keep players healthy, but which has been cut by the NBA as players and coaches have lost more and more games.

The NBA also would receive $2 billion from the sale of its arena, the Barclays Center, which opened in 2012 and was the largest sports venue in the world until it was sold last year.

This deal could also make the NBA better off financially.

The owners would be paying the league a fixed amount of money every year for 20 years, which means the league would be able to pay off its debt faster.

In fact, the owners have made a deal with the league that they want the league, the NBA, and the players to pay their bills for 20 of the 21 years, but if the NBA decides to end up folding, the league is on the hook for the remaining two years.

It could also help the league financially.

With the league having to pay more money to keep the players healthy and healthy players are often the biggest money-maker for the league.

So a deal that pays off in less than 10 years could be a big boon to the league as well as the players.

The league could also have some extra revenue from the new logo.

The new logo would be used on all league merchandise, including the jerseys, apparel, and merchandise that players wear during games.

The new logo could help the NBA financially, but would also help keep players in the league longer.

That could help keep the fans happy, as well.

If the NBA were to sell the Barclays, the players would have to move to another team in order to stay in the NBA.

The players could also keep their salaries, which would help them keep up with the salaries of the other players.

But they would not be able pay their rent.

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